Monday, February 8, 2016

ZOOM! Professional Whitening System

It’s an unfortunate reality that the best things in life stain teeth – whether your personal vice is soda, teas, wine, coffee, cigarettes, or one of many other staining culprits, you may find your teeth in serious need of a pick-me-up. Although dentistry’s main focus is often the health of your smile, we all know the aesthetics of your smile can be incredibly important as well. Not only can it simply hurt your confidence, stained teeth can be especially problematic in professional settings or other special events. Regardless of your reason for looking into teeth whitening, Dr.Ancich’s office is equipped and trained with Zoom Whitening technology, which can bring you the results you need at white-speed.

                Zoom Whitening is an incredible system designed to cut the time between where your teeth are now, and where you would like them to be. Offered only in professional dental practices, Zoom Whitening is exponentially more efficient than any products that can be purchased at the store. Above, you can see two case studies straight out of Dr. Ancich’s office – both of these patients achieved their amazing results in just four sessions that were only 15 minutes each – only one hour of Zoom Whitening use can have this incredible effect on your smile. The difference in the ‘before’ versus the ‘after’ photos is truly amazing, and can only be accomplished with the help of a dental professional. It may have taken months or years for the stains to build up, but we can offer you the chance to undo the damage in mere minutes.

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